Glowing Goddess!

My old co-worker had purchased some of my Motives bronzer about a month ago. She loves it! Stopped in there today and it made her absolutely beam!! She had just jumped out of the tanning booth to start on her summer sun bronzed look. I was stunned! She looked soo tan, almost like she just came home from the Caribbean! I commented on her chest, how tan she looked.She immediately started ranting and raving about the Motives, Miami Glow bronzer! She had just applied some fresh after her tan, it made her radiate.It gave just the right amount of bronzer plus shimmer! For $25, all natural ingredients, it lasts for months! Start on your bronzed summer look today! Check out my website (along with the cosmetics link) and all of the products Motives has to offer... you wont be disappointed!


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