find it in your kitchen

Use aluminum foil for more than just covering and storing your foods. Try these techniques for quick fixes!

1. Place a piece of foil on your ironing board and iron silk, wool or rayon without damaging your clothes. Hold 3-4 inches above garment and hold down the steam button. Goodbye wrinkles!

2. If your painting your walls, doors or windows, use as a paint protector. Wrap doorknobs or kitchen hardware to protect from drips.

3. Aluminum foil will prevent your pie crust's from burning. Your cherry pie will turn out perfect!

4. If you have bake ware or glass ware that needs a good scrubbing look no further than your kitchen drawer! Foil helps loosen grease and hard to remove food pieces. Dish soap and a ball of foil.. recycle ones already used!

5. Foil helps keep the heat in the grill before you start your cook off! place a sheet over for 10 min before cooking and your grill bars will be equally hot! Recycle your foil and use it to scrape the grill bars after your done cooking.

Find it no further than your own kitchen!

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