use your olds and make it new...

Clothes: take old garments and rehab them. Layer with different fabrics to create a constructed new look. Cut and sew pieces from old denim to create new blazers or button downs.

Shoes: take ur old flats and bedazzle them. Stop and pick up gems, rhinestones or sequence and stitch or glue them to create some flashy new styles. Take your old leather pumps into a shoe repair and have them died a different color. Inexpensive and creative.

Bags: take your old run down hand bags and add necklaces or belts to give some extra bling. Add broaches or pins for some fun new looks.

Accessories: bag your costume jewelry separately in sealed sandwich bags. This will prevent discoloration and they are easy to spot and travel with. Loose earrings? Take an old lamp shade and hang them around it.. or be adventurous and take old fishing net and hang it on ur wall. This makes a great way to visualize and store ur earrings? Necklaces. Belts and more!

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