Simply Stunning

Another year has come to an end as I have started to embrace the new. Simple hues such as nude, grey, white, peach and pastels have resurfaced. This time to be noticed. Surrounded by fresh, feminine, tranquility comes popping, bold saturation hints of electric blues, crush orange and neon green. A statement worth making in Spring 2011 with a small clutch, or like Fendis small bag pictured here:
Use those 'nudes' to your advantage. Play up your rough edge with studs, spikes and charms. Make a statement with studded heels or flats like the ones in my last post. Or strut your style with a look like Christian Louboutin:

Or try this cuff for a chic rugged look:

Sparkle yourself and shine through this winter with vibrant pieces that mingle in your fresh spring pastels. A touch of color can set you apart in a crowded room. Textures, fabric, and metal all play a key role in this reviving collaboration for SP2011. Need a quick boost?! Try variations of colored cuffs with all the fundamentals of trend:
Dont forget about your staple pieces. Hats, gloves and scarves can add a whole new element to a city's winter wardrobe. Dress up those dark essentials with splashes of watermelon pink, seafoam green, ocean blue and canary yellow. Try going for a story told pattern like Missoni does for his SP2011 Scarf collection:
Don't forget that color is Key. One piece, Two pieces, three..you choose! Let the primary's inspire you!

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