I woke up to the sounds of shovels.. as i looked out my window into the white abyss I knew that today was going to be an adventure. Considering the heavy consistency at which the snow was accumulating I expected delays..
45 minutes later I find myself grateful that it was only an extra 20 min ride. While venturing on... the hill faced us with an evil Grinch like smile.. as we slid side to side .. trying to accelerate.. the thought crossed my mind that i may have to push.. this was not in my morning agenda. . luckily fate was on our side to arrive safely at a place I like to call my transient vocation. Here's to another Winter Wonderland and the inches to come!!

In the meantime beat the gloom of winter with these eye catching essentials.. to keep you warm and sparkling through these long months..

Check out the latest news and updates.. and stay tuned for white engulfed photos!

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