Lack of Winter Snow, Spring Here We Go!

Recently I have felt surrounded by blooming buds, city views and festive activities. Between jewelry shows, trips to NY, blue-bird skies and Easter eggs I feel in full swing with the changing season. All seems surreal since its not even April. April showers bring May flowers sure has a different outlook this year! Lack of snow has left much to show in these early months of 2012. None the less, I cannot complain. Living in the city, Spring is one of my favorite seasons. Every tree revives with fresh buds and sends that new petal smell drifting in the air. The city itself is revived and people start filling the streets and outdoor seats everywhere. I do have to say I really don't miss climbing through snow mounds at cross walks and running down another pair of boots as the salt eats at the soles. Welcome to Philadelphia in the Springtime!

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