Creativity on a Dime

We're on a budget. We're on a deadline. Creativity needs to kick in about NOW!
This is where I excel. Under pressure, counting the minutes. Bring it on! Colors: dark purple, gold and ivory. 

Hobby Lobby. First trip and probably not the best place to explore when watching the clock. We find the candle glassware.
Nice surprise of 50% off the $1.00 price tag. We start loading two dozen into the cart. We find an pack of ivory colored non scented candles an stock up. Next I'm thinking shimmer, shine! I find some fine gold glitter and pick up some spray adhesive. Next I make my way to the floral department. Again find some vases 50% off their $3.00 price tag. I pick up some gold glass stones to fill the bottom half. 

Off for florals. I decide to check out stop and shop .. i figure this would help the budget rather than a private florist. I see they have some light purple 'blue moon' spray roses. I also notice that they are very open. Pretty much on their last couple days. I use this to my advantage. Since Im buying the remaining packages of what they will throw away in a day, I inquire if I can receive a discount. Absolutely can, 50% at that. 

Spray small candle jars with adhesive spray on the outside only. Roll in gold glitter. Dry. Place inside and watch the shimmer! 

Clean off tall vases. Drop a few stones into the vase. Place one-two stems per vase. I cleaned the stems and left a leaf or two. I also trimmed them down considerably. Once in the vase I dropped in a couple more stones. Waaalaaa! Three candles, one vase and you have your simple, yet chic centerpiece for an informal event. 

Excited to share where my creativity will take me next! 

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