Christmas Traditions & Goods

For years my mother, sister and I have always made home-made frosted Christmas cookies! My mother has always made delicious butter cookies with sweet and smooth vanilla frosting. This year my sister and I had the luxury of making the frosting ourselves. We add the element of food coloring, sprinkles, frosting accents and candies to really put the pizzazz into our creations. From gingerbread men to Christmas chickens this is a tradition that wouldn’t be complete unless we lick the frosting bowls clean. A stomach ache and multi-colored tongue later we have our trays filled with freshly decorated Christmas cookies. 

To add to the holiday traditions we make sure to stop by the outlandishly decorated houses. Music plays as the lights are synced to the rhythm to blink on and off.  These houses take days to display all of their lights and decorations, while hundreds of drivers make it a point to stop, gaze and aw at such beautiful displays. On the other end of this, my dad with his fiber optics, Charlie Brown Christmas tree proves a positive start to getting out of the ‘bah-humbug’ holiday attitude!

I am thankful to have such thoughtful parents and siblings. How mindful they are that I’m becoming more domesticated in my ways. What better gifts than kitchen essentials. Best baking ware out there, my mom and grandmother have used Corning Ware for years! I’m stoked to have my own set; this is how I know I’m becoming older. I love pot holders and I love my new Corning Ware.  What better way to carry the essentials not only for the kitchen but for the slopes.  Burton makes the best back-packs. I had one years ago and it lasted through the wind, rain, snow and almost survived being a chew-toy for my mother’s dog.  It lost that battle. I’m ready to head north with this one! 

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