Traveling the Cloud Road to NH

I’ve neglected to compile my thoughts until now. About a month later and I finally feel I have plenty of words, findings and inspiration from the several dozen pictures I captured between the travels of returning ‘home for the holidays’ and bringing in 2012 in the city of brotherly love.

I cant seem to stray away from being in New England on these love filled holidays with my closest friends and family. If not for them these times would have little significance in the grand scheme of things.

I started my journey to New Hampshire bright and early... or should I say dark and early. I’m known for that 6AM flight …the process of waking up in the dark and the dreaded favor of asking for a ride to the airport at 4:45AM… Thank god he loves me!

Best part about these trips is that you have the best view of the sunrise, regardless of what the weather forecast predicted for that day. To top that, a quick 1 hour flight to NH has me arriving just in time for breakfast at the Airport Diner. The rest of my day was spent gallivanting around town and enjoying many laughs with my little sis. 

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