Celebrations in the Midwest

In January I was fortunate enough to be able to travel west to see my grandparents. Not only did my grandparents celebrate 65 years of marriage.. WOW but my wonderful and caring grandmother turned 85 years old! For working on the farm her whole life she sure is in tip-top shape for 85! She lives on her own, cooks amazing meals, bakes delicious cookies, does her own wash and even hops on her stationary bike to cycle and get those legs active. I hope at 85 I am in the shape she is in with a positive mind set. I am so grateful that I was able to surprise and be there with her and my mother. My sister was a missing link this trip but I kept her in tune with many pictures, videos and even a Skype date. Just not the same without my little sis to laugh and be crazy with! All in the same, family is one of the most important aspects of my life and I cant thank my mom enough for teaching me this and allowing us to know and spend the time with our family despite the 1,275 miles that lies between us. 

The last couple pictures I had to share. While on this trip I learned that this family farm house has been in our family since 1879. Since then it has all original wood work, cabinets, tiling and ceilings. These few fun features add vintage elements to this house and its uniqueness. This house was built by my great-grandfather. While building it he lived with my great-grandmother and 5 kids in a one bedroom garage. Crazy to think the work and effort they exerted for their family. The last couple shots you can see some added features that a lot of homes had decades ago. Before and after shots of what the closet/cabinet looks like from the outside and then to find the marvel inside. One has a built in ironing board while the other opens up to a non-working pulley system that was once used to store cold items such as milk and ice cream under ground. What magnificent features of a farm house. You can also find laundry shoots from the 2nd floor and old cast iron stoves and furnaces in the basement. The great thing is that these features are all the originals of this property. I will never find a house like this. 

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