The Golden Girls with Ivy Climbing Skies

Love the weekends in the city.. especially with gorgeous weather and no set plans. A weekend like this typically ends with extended day drinking, early nights and awakenings never before noon. I am perfectly ok with this. In fact, I am in love with this type of weekend. Unexpected stops, food and friends. Nevertheless I am bound to find something out of the ordinary while gallivanting through the city. After snapping a few of these initial photos of the 'Golden Girls' I sent them to my mom.. Now, my mother has significantly come up in the world of technology... not only can she send and receive pictures now, she is also texting back! Hallelujah! The clouds are breaking and in my head i hear a glorious HUMMMMM of achievement. She calls me with the lingering question: "are you at a farm?!" Nope, just in Philly.. you know how we roll. Chickens, fresh eggs, fresh flowers, climbing ivy and homemade horseradish sauce by the head hen keeper himself! Oddly enough these hens are so familiar with people I found it remarkable when I was able to pet Betty White.. Who would have thought?! Petting some hens under bright blue skies! All in all, the weekends come and there is absolutely no complaints.. Whether its a road trip with the best captain or city streets with the special guest appearances from the 'Golden Girls'. 

(the eye of a hen)

(Betty White poses in front)

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