Making History under Vibrant Skies

Sunset skies with transforming clouds. Precisely stating 'the calm before the storm'. Views from city streets, bridges and the pier. Sunshine, sunset and gorgeous spring weather has started the bright array of naturally beautiful pictures. Adventures through the city from North to South. 

The road travels far as we ventured to VT for a picture perfect wedding. The radiant flowers and colors sang the song of a Life to Start. A life shared together, making history together. History of two lives uniting as one.

History from the 1940's era and all of its big news headlines. Whether 1945 or 2012 history shines through the years. I'm appreciative for the long rides, long nights and genuine friends. Love and laughter fill the air, the stars begin to shine and nature invites me in. 

From weddings to vibrant walk ways, this mid-June collection has seen many views, many states and the boldest of colors. Be sure to capture and enjoy the vibrancy in your life! 

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