Hot Trot Talk & the Animal Issue

Last night I attended a Network After Work event at the James Oliver Gallery in Philadelphia. After being warned of over 200 RSVPs I was sure anticipating some great convos, connections and leads. The event was held from 6-9 in a wonderful art gallery that is currently featuring the Animal Issue. 
(Photo by and Property of James Oliver Gallery)

Well animals we were, corralled and loud this gallery which is located on the 4th floor was warm enough to partake in 'hot yoga'. No air circulation nor fans were in place until well into the event. My initial thoughts within my first hour there:

1. Great space. Clean. Bright. Art pieces were bold and vivid with saturated acrylic hues. 
2. After the 4 flights of stairs I feel beads of sweat already forming.
3. Many people were there from all industry's, all ages. 
4. Where is the cocktail table?! 

After making my way to sip on some refreshments I found the nearest window and felt like taking a dive. All the men at this event and women for that matter were as red as beats in the face. The men's collared shirts absorbed sweat left and right. 

Around 7pm I could tell that a good number of people had left the event. I don't blame them. At this point they had no more water bottles, no more beer and still, stagnant air. With 200+ RSVPs Im asking myself how they could possible not buy enough water??? An essential and crucial refreshment, especially in a room that's 80-85 degrees. 

As the sun started to set, they decided it would be a good time to put a fan in. What a remarkable idea! 
As the room started to empty and finally cool I was happy I pushed through the heat. I was able to meet  some great professionals and networking leads as well as some creative and innovative individuals. The wonderful thing about this event is that all were there for a common goal to network and expand their social and professional circles. People were there from all over the east coast willing and wanting to meet as many people as possible.  

I will definitely be attending the next Network After Work event, but will do my research. Future note for JOG, if you hold an event make sure your guests are comfortable and hydrated! 


  1. Good summary Heather, and I am glad you "stayed the course".....I got there at 7:20PM ....not intentionally, but I thought it was worthwhile to "get out and meet people"!!

    Let's stay in touch. You're a vibrant young lady, intelligent and a good writer

    Mike B

  2. I was at that event! The art work was amazing!