Wednesday Wardrobe

Its hot in Philadelphia. What is this heatwave 8?! 80s to 90s to heat index of 109. Either way I'm a sweater! I know, I know, not the most pleasant fact about my body makeup but hey if you cant beat them, join them. On this Wednesday I decided to wear a loose and airy black tank. Since I felt the need for some pattern craze I went to an old scarf I've had for years. Originally this scarf came tied to a handbag I purchased. The scarf then was converted into an eye catching belt. Since its way to hot to be wearing scarves around my neck, I wear it around my mid section. As the day went on and became even warmer my belted scarf was transformed once again: This time a headband. This is where it will stay for the remainder of my day. I love the versatility of scarves for this purpose. A nice hint of pattern, eye popping color and cool way to keep my hair back! Options are endless. 

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