Fragments & Filters

Sunshine rays fill the evening sky with layers of dimension. Cumulus clouds in ever direction create bold, defined creatures of beauty. The heat dies down as the city lights up. Shadows, shapes and fragments emerge. 

Im currently experimenting more with photo filters and effects. Whether that be an app on my phone or simple editing programs on my desk top. The possibilities are endless to create such graphically altered photographs. Saturation, sharpening and lighting effects are my fav. I recently started applying more distortion and blurs. So take this with a grain of salt.. because I know I could benefit from a legit photography class. Although in order for that I suppose I would need an actual camera with lens. Dont ya think?! I still am amazed though at the picture quality from the iPhone 4S. Between such an outstanding camera and editing apps its my next best thing .. and well you know im saving about $2000! Hell I'll take this for now. 

We dined at Cichetteria 19 , right off of Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. Great ambiance and decor. Our restaurant.com gift certificate was a nice push to finally try this place. After walking by for several years they always seem to draw a crowd indoors and out. The menu has a decent selection of vegetarian small plates as well as First Courses, Main Entrees and a decent selection of Red/White Pizzas. What we ordered: 

1. Affetati Rustici, PorcSalt Prosciutto, Bresaola, Speck 
2. Bucatini Matriciana (one of their daily specials) 
3. Margherita Pizza Grated Water Bufala Mozzarella, Plum Tomato, Basil & Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Honestly and sadly, I felt the meat plate was the most presentable. The Bucatini was good, lots of robust flavors from the added apple-wood smoked bacon. Nothing fancy. The pizza we felt was overcooked. I prefer my basil to be fresh and not wilted from heating while the crust was slightly overcooked with some burnt spots. My rating? I would give them 3 out of 5 stars.. and maybe just maybe I'm feeling warm hearted on that. Non-the-less thank god we had a gift certificate.

Another hot and scorching day in the city.. I chose to wear something light and airy. Of course though I need some color and craze in my life. Purples and patterns, some shinning accessories and a braided do. This will do for Wednesday.  

A bit of color, a lot of soul and much more love! 

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