Tenacious Tubing

Down the Delaware we went. We prepared. We shared. We laughed. We drank. We floated. Smiles all around. Thanks to an outstanding team of men, this trip was nothing short of 'epic'. Organized details, safety precautions and Sharpie marks led us to our launch site. A little reminiscent of our younger years on yellow school buses and summer camp journeys. Although I would say these years are much more thrilling. Air pumps, sunscreen and water-shoes; check. Cooler full of necessities; check. Everyone in good spirits left a positive and radiating vibe down 5 miles of euphoria. The sunshine even decided to join us as we made this day an event to remember. Panama Benedetti had the right idea with this shading beaut.

Colorful and prominent suits and patterns. Red solo cups and bags of veggies. Waterproof pouches and water guns. Meeting new friends while making water-filled memories. 

A weekend of bliss. This one will be hard to level with. 

Hope you enjoyed the ride! 

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