August Jaunt: Part II


August 14th
Approximately 12:15AM. We arrive safely in Manchester, NH. This is the second leg of the venture. Finally some time for sleeping in. Lucky enough I was comforted by a new memory foam mattress. I swear I was sleeping on a cloud all night. Just what I needed before we take off, once again. At least this time around we are on 4 wheels and only a border line away. About 2PM we have arrived in Wells, Maine. A yearly beach trip was always in order as we were kids. Now that we are gallivanting our separate ways, this mother-daughter time is crucial and appreciated. The weather is calm and cool. High tide hasn't quite covered the beach yet so we took this to our advantage. My mother loves to walk the beach. With bucket in hand she always finds neat shells and sculptured rocks. We even let her partake in some Frisbee action. Although the wind was not on our side.

 A few hours later and we head to Billy's Chowder House. Great memories here. Fresh seafood and friendly servers. Can't beat steamers for $5.99 a pound. What a steal!! The place was packed. Never the less, mussels and crab galore! Back to Lafayette's Beachfront Resort for some swim action. We have stayed here for as long as I can remember. My mom recalled being here on rainy days, "You kids would just swim, and swim, and swim..." Yes, we still swim and swim and swim...

August 15th-16th
The next two days we spent in Maine. A nice sunrise run on the beach, relaxation with the sound of the waves, sunrays leaving their pink marks, sweet and savory lobster, ice cream choices and a thrilling mini-golf game. May I boast quick - I WON! I WON! Reason why I brag, I cannot remember the last time I won a mini-golf game. Seriously must be over 10 years ago. I usually come in last place. My mom on the other hand ends up getting three holes in one. Not one, but three. How does she do this?! 

These beach get-a-way days proved to be necessary. Rejuvenating the mind and soul with the fresh ocean air. We traveled back to Manchester, NH for a dress viewing appointment at Marry & Tux.

With my older sisters wedding in a little over 12 months this was a crucial stop on our agenda. Eight styles, cuts and tears later we nailed it. Your first choice is often the right choice. This proved to be nothing but true. She's had her eye on Maggie Sottero for years and now it's a reality. Elegance, vibrancy and uniqueness shine through this style into the bold personality she already has. Brides gown = check. Bridesmaids dresses (color and styles) = check. I have to say I'm proud that this is already accomplished. Next on the check list...

August 17th
Back to NH. Lake relaxation for the day. Gorgeous blue skies with not too much action on the lake. Perfect day for cruising on the jet ski. Quality time with sis and the pops. Fun in the sun! Swimming, beers and grilled summer foods. Truly is my solace. A calm breeze, quiet streets- this is New England in the summer at Horace Lake. The sun makes me smile, friends make me laugh and my family taught me how to love the life I live. A great escape for 24 hours before heading back to the busy city streets. Eight days sure does seem like a long time, but how quickly it goes.

August 18th
Rise and Shine! Back to MHT. I'm going home to Philly!! Back into the arms I love, the eyes that make me melt. MGB welcomed me with open arms and his big heart. I'm right where I belong. Brunch and bloody's awaited us at Prohibition. It feels good to be home. What a jaunt that was. An exciting, thrilling and adventurous one at that. Thanks for stopping by and traveling with me on my ventures. Hope you enjoyed your ride, this girl is back to reality.. oh there goes gravity.


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