Venues through the Storm

Before leaving the city this past Saturday we stopped in at Rebel Rock Bar & Bites to support a friends band. A pre-party concert before the hemp festival (Hemp Heals) at Penns Landing. A great line up with soulful tunes. Help support your local musicians- Jay D Clark. What a great venue we discovered. Rebel is located at the corner of a strip mall. Looking like a small venue, maybe some smoke drifting out... this was not the case. Spacious, tall ceilings, exposed beams and brick created an industrial, modern-rock feel. A smooth U-shaped bar created flow and ambiance. Even a second floor for frequent events and concerts. Something is going on every night at Rebel. We did not have time for food but it's on my list to do. The beers were cold with a superb variety of bottles. Open since Feb 2012 this place is sure to create some noise! Whether you are looking for a night out with bites or a private party- look to Rebel. I'm excited can you tell?! Get pumped!

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This past weekend we took a trip back to Hammonton, NJ. This is where my love was born and raised. A nice escape from the busy city while celebrating the graduation of friends. On this travel of new faces and sunshine, we mingled, ate delicious food and shared some laughs. I was also pleased to be able to explore this location... their family home. This house is over 100 years old. Smells of nostalgia, memories and love fill each room of this magnificent beaut. Much of the wood is original. Fixtures and all. This property is gorgeous and I definitely should have taken more pictures. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with history and meeting new people that I slip past the chance to capture such beauty. Hammonton itself is a nostalgic and beautiful town. Blueberry Capital of the World, they sure know how to grow 'em!

Our adventures never disappoint. And the beauty continues. The warmth of humidity after the storm creates such solace in the clouds. Color, form and density. 

Exploration continues. 
Up next you can find a scrumptious, easy recipe anyone can make! A hit for up-coming football Sundays or family gatherings. Stay tuned...!


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