F to the 5th Power

Five F's consumed my weekend and no it was not a rant of curse words. This time of year is my favorite.. oh another F! This time of year is rich with warm hues, crisp smells and exhilarating activities. 

1. Friends. Yes, they're here year-round but this is when we all get together to mingle over parties, fires and Sunday game days.

2. Brings me to Football. It has begun! First football Sunday is behind us. Quite the Sunday it was. Although expected guests never arrived, this didn't stop me from cooking up game-day apps. Filling our kitchen with smells and fruitful flavors.

3. Food. Autumn offers the cool breeze, aromatic seasonal brews and a crock-pot. Ready for stews, chili and tender meats?! Hot coffee has once again made its round-about back to my to-go cups.

4. Flowers. Mum's are not even in bloom, but fresh picked wild flowers always adds color and joy to the kitchen. Leaves are starting to turn and fall with the wind. This is wear it begins...

 5. Fall. Yep, it's in the air. It's on Sundays. It's in the crock-pot.

Here's a few snapshots over the weekend; To make your mouth water and a desire to pick some fresh blooms. 

"The Universe Always Has Other Plans"

Bacon Wrapped, Stuffed Jalapenos. 

Pizza Twist Bites. 

Stay tuned, recipes for these scrumptious snacks and more are coming this week. Just in time, for you to prepare for next Sunday!   


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