Swinging into Labor Day

On a gorgeous plot, a vast land, there once was a magnificent estate. Filled with antique trims and trinkets. Filled with history and nostalgia. This acreage is densely filled. Lush trees and scrubs surround this massive property. A view from every angle, an adventure down every path. 

This labor day weekend was packed with views. Quick road trip to MA. Tunes in the sunshine. Habit stops at TK's for yet another flavor of their famous wings while friends, swings and swims round it out. Traveling, whether it be in the same state you live or hundreds of miles away can really open your senses. Your eyes grow big, fresh air filters through and breathing never felt so pure. 

(I love taking pictures from this angle)

(can you tell?!)

(And a big sunflower to make you smile!)

I love our travels. I'm his first mate. We sing. We bob. We laugh. We love. 

The sunsets are always breathtaking. One of the first sensational memories I have with MGB. We watched many sunsets and talked. We talked about everything. We talked of how we felt and where we were. Where we were as individuals, as a potential couple. We shared many views and brews. Many atop of his city apartment roof. Sunsets that left scattered clouds and warm hues. Sunsets that poured love, desire and a need for adventure. A need for adventure, together. 

As a couple now, a sunset reminds me of his bright smile and piercing eyes. The words, the touch and the never ending feeling of a pounding heart. A sunset is my favorite thing to share with him. A glow that always makes one of  us say "look at that sky!" 

I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend. Relaxation, friends and love. 


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