Peaking in Vermont

Home of Four Seasons. Home of fresh, sticky maple syrup. Home of Ben & Jerry's. Home of Long Trail and Magic Hat. It's where you can escape from the busy sound of city streets. It's where you can relax under a sky filled with bright burning stars. A place where you can hear the sounds of mother natural and smell the fresh Autumn wind. A place where white birch trees grow tall. A place where vivid colors create a real life painting. A place where fires roar, Frisbees soar and friends are vaping for more! 

Relaxation. Views. Friends. A nice weekend get-a-way before the real chill sets in. Before the leaves start to fall. Before the colors are even at their peak. Mums, apples and pumpkins. Whiskey, cinnamon and spice. 
I love this time of year. From the food to the weather. From the views to Football. Hello Fall! 

I hope you find solace in these as I did while Vermonting this past weekend. Tents to tools. Quarries when cool. 

First Quarry in the US. 


White Birch Trees.

Big Moose Deli - Only in New England. 

What is your favorite season? Where is your favorite place to be? New England is my blood. My soul. My true 'home'. In this season, this is where I desire to go. 


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