This Chapter Closes, A Novel is Opened.

The last day of dreaded train rides. The last day of walking through Melrose Park. The last day I cross that busy Old York Road intersection. The last day Septa collects my Zone 2 ticket. The last day I deal with the disrespect, mis-communication and ignorance of people who can only see themselves. The last day of pointless profanity and gossip.

A new beginning is on the horizon. A new novel is now opened. The first few chapters have proved to be a HUGE step forward. This new beginning for me comes in the form of a new job. A new career venture. An opportunity that really is a grand slam.
The above content was drafted Friday October 5th. This draft has sat here since then. I didnt know how to approach such a life changing event, except to focus on the ending of that chapter. The last few steps, the last filled emotions. I apologize that I have left you lingering. Waiting to be published. Over the last couple weeks I have been on a roller coaster. A roller coaster with strangers soon to become my new family for 40 hours a week. I must say, at least these individuals are strapped in and ready for the big drop. They are kind, adventurous, and understand the meaning behind team. As we push forward for the same goals.

So are you wondering yet what this big change is all about?? Are you wondering where the heck I have been the last two weeks?! Ah, the solace in the phrase "I got a new job." Thats it. Right there. A new job. A new start. A new attitude. An opportunity that presents itself in a 10 minute walk. No trains. No time-clocks. No drama. A sigh of relief has become my best friend over the last week. After searching high and low for the last year, to make such a change. This process was not easy. Yes, it did test my patience. Yes, I was persistent  I truly feel everything happens for a reason. At this time, in this year I was supposed to find this position. I was supposed to be tested and pushed and pulled every which way. Not exactly knowing what I wanted to sink my teeth into made this process difficult. There are so many areas that intrigue me. Ironically enough, the title of this post couldnt be more fitting. I'm working for a book. A book filled with chapters and lessons. Ok, so maybe it's not a novel but the standards in this book can absolutely be applied in your everyday life. Making his life easier, to make mine easier. Getting More. This is the title of the book. I would highly suggest anyone who wants more out of life (who doesnt?) read this book. If you are able to apply these tools and lessons to your unique situations you won't be disappointed.

On another note I have partaken in some wonderful fall activities lately that of course Id love to share! After our fun filled adventure to VT we got our game on at the Linc. We tailgated through a beautiful sunset to watch the Eagles va. Giants game. Love football games! Dawkins was elected into the hall of fame. Of course MGB supported. An action packed game had all fans on the edge of their seats even until the last few seconds.

Following this I attended a two-day workshop on Getting More. Stuart Diamond, the author, is an amazing presenter. With preparation and extensive knowledge he knows how to capture even the largest of crowds. His words not only in his book but in person are inspiring and bold. Techniques, perceptions and the tools learned I have thought about every day. Every interaction. Every situation. Held at the Kimmel Center, this workshop proved to be life altering. People from all over the world attended this workshop and couldn't have a more beautiful space to learn in. I was impressed.

October 6th; Big day in the wiffle community in North Philadelphia. A tournament was held. We couldn't have had better weather. Teams from surrounding areas gathered with us to set the stage or field if you will. Food, friends, drinks, sunshine. Organized precisely and detailed down to the official rules, MB and BR sure know how to put on an event. Dogs on the grill, blankets on the grass, smiles all around. A day to unite, play and say goodbye to the lingering summer weather.

The following week I hate to say but my camera was slightly neglected. Never-the-less it captured the right moments with the best of friends. From soup to sushi. Moments that shine and sparkle through the crisp air into the form of never forgotten memories. Hope you enjoy the array of different subjects and activities as much as I am enjoying this fall season!


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