Curtains, Lights... Action!

I need to find a good time to revisit this. A scheduled time per week that I sit down and bust this out! Changes in life sure do bring the question of time to the table. Time management maybe?! All in all, this change in my life is leaving me with less photos, less blog posts and less to bitch about .. HA! No but really, this needs to stop. These pictures need to step it up, this blog needs to represent! Where do you find inspiration? Walks, friends, animals, sunset skies? You can really find art and inspiration all around you. From your co-workers, your loved ones and even the clothes on your back. Experiences are my prime source of inspiration. The people we meet, the strangers we encounter day by day. Places we see and places we are going. This past week we tried a new spot by Rittenhouse Park, Rittenhouse Tavern. I must say, the interior is gorgeous, the ambiance is pristine  The menu had several choices, none of which traditional for your weekend brunch, but non the less creative. The bloody mary's are house made. With perfection taking on more than 20 ingredients I still thought these were OK. A little pricey for the vodka they use, but hey you are by Rittenhouse right? The plates were presented artistically, the food was scrumptious but not filling. After a $55 tab for two people, brunch plates and bloody's each, we left hungry. I love to experience new places like this, especially close to home but unfortunately I will not return. The nice aspect is their outdoor garden area, where you can eat or enjoy some fresh air. Talk is, they are hoping to put a fire pit and heat lamps to extend this usage of their garden into the winter months. That might bring me back for a drink or two! Beautiful space and bar area. Marble accents, flowing curtains.

Next stop, Penn Book Store. I did some investigating for the company I am currently with. I scoped it out, I took pictures and I reported. I enjoy this work. I often think I should have become a spy. I love creepin ;) Regardless, that is my fantasy life, I have to remind myself, I am NOT a spy and I am in clear view! Getting More had two copies on this shelf, and about four on another, B & N you are slacking on your inventory!

Returning back to the office, views from rain drops to sun sets peak in my window. I LOVE this view! 31 floors up, you see the haze, the clouds roll in and the sun move from East to West. This creates for lovely pictures as you see. From North to South, the change in day, the change in scenery. Philadelphia, I <3 br="br" you.="you.">

 And all the beers you have to offer! From the farm land of the Midwest this 10% , holy cow this is strong, Melange A Trois. This brew was on tap at Sidecar Bar. Always unique and fresh beers on tap. Always greeted with a smile! 

This one could be dangerous if consuming more than one. Delicious! Well until next time, keep looking up, all around you. Inspiration, beauty is everywhere. From rooftops, to the 31st floor. Keep on walking....


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