Wandering Walks Shine Vibrant

Who says a walk can't bring adventure! Or at least some lovely city views. A comfortable day outside it was, a clear blue bird sky. A walk that proves as productive and rejuvenating! Fresh air, sounds and smells of the city. Architecture is all around us. Reflections bounce from store fronts to skyscrapers. This city offers so much history. I've lived here for over 6 years now and I still sometimes feel like a tourist in the city I call home. I constantly take pictures, (of the same things), I constantly look around and observe  To my nice surprise  I discover new things every day with this method of observance.

Whether in blooms, doors or gates, a walk can prove to show you beauty in every form. I love the doors of Philadelphia. I often thought I would start a project, 'The Many Doors of Philadelphia Streets'. From carved, to painted. From rounded edges to rustic woods. As night falls, the city awakens with bold, rich hues from the shimming street lights. A shimmer that leaves a calming glow on such prominent Philadelphia landmarks.

Some skyscrapers, some doorways and some petals. Just because I feel in the season and festive this time of year I am going to leave you with my latest creation. From the uniting of vows and the prospering love of friends, I have used and recycled this table arrangement from over the weekend. Callas, roses and hypericum berries. I love Autumn! 

Hope everyone is enjoying this vibrant, warm loving season...

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