Rockin out to Recipes

Music to my ears, food for the soul. If you have been reading lately you will know that I LOVE this time of year. The smell in the air, the bright leaves that clutter the sidewalks, the home cooked savory meals, the sweet sensation of pumpkin and spice. Lately, I have heard some tunes, saw some spectacular lights, tried some new recipes, saw another show and celebrated friendship. More importantly looking forward to showing my thanks for such caring and loving family. Show 1.Pretty Lights. Exactly how it sounds... those lights are ohhh so pretty! Beats that moved every body, every soul. Although a young crowd, they sure knew how to rock out. This had my blood pumping and my inspiration up so of course I led this creativity into the kitchen. Such as my domesticated ways have frequently done. Stuffed shells? Pumpkin Chocolate chip cookies? Yes please. I often find original recipes on AllRecipes. , I then tweak them a bit, adding my own seasonings, spices or extras. Although, once I found the recipe for the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies I have to say with the raving reviews I stuck to the exact recipe. With that, my outcome was absolutely delicious  mouth watering, cant have just one, scrumptious, soft and chewy, pumpkin explosion cookies! I'm a huge supporter of MGB's softball teams (number 1 fan right hheeeerrr!) so I even sent the team some cookies for good luck. They were a hit!

Stuffed Shells with Ricotta, Parmesan, Mozzarella, & Cream Cheese.



Followed by a trip to Hotel Monaco. My friend was in town for the weekend. She always indulges when she visits and this couldn't be the better place to stay. Elaborate patterns, contrasting decor and fabulous wall paper! When Pigs Fly, this hotel comes with a Rocky inspired bath robe and don't worry because if you like the hanging tea-pots or cannot live without your flying pig, everything in these rooms can be bought. Of course a for a pretty penny. All in all, this glitz and glam is perfect for that eccentric individual who likes a little pop of color and craze if their life. 

Followed by a delicious dinner for four at Buddakan. Share plates all around. I love this type of asian-fusion cuisine. Dumplings, Tuna Pizza, Chicken, Beef... anything your mouth might be watering for! Love the atmosphere and I cannot get enough of this big guys presence. 

To wrap up a fantastic weekend MGB and I attended the Zion I & Minnesota show. Small venue, small crowd, but very big beats. An intense, positive energy radiated when they took the stage. The involvement of the crowd, heads bobbing, hips swaying, they kept you captivated. I love supporting artists. Artists of all trades whether they prefer a paint brush or a microphone. Talent shines in numerous forms. A great escape from city sounds this was just the ticket for a Saturday night. 

A little of this, a little of that. Music and food fuels my soul. Stay tuned for the next adventures. And check out the groups I mentioned. If you like DJs, you like originality, than show your support for your talented artists! 


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