December Arrives Through The Rain of Shot Gun Shells

Family. Friends. Love. Warmth. 'Tis the time of year, get up, shout, celebrate with cheer! Through the end of November, through captivating sunsets and the ring of shot guns this proved to be an invigorating and successful Nebraska trip. Cousin time is essential when such miles keep us apart. The games, the adventures, the laughs that are priceless in my book.

Treasuring the moments when their eyes are wide and bright. When he is so focused on telling you that story, despite the time zone he may be in. I am thankful for these outstanding days. These days that leave that lasting picture in my head. His looks, words and motions are not what anyone expected this time around. Alzheimer patients usually do not move forward but regress. My grandfather has fought this battle for more than 7 years now. I cannot explain the side of him we saw this trip back to NE. Alert, focused, bright, warm. He was intent on telling us his stories. I have not heard him talk this much in 3 years. He looked me dead in the eye. He motioned with his hands. Oh how I would kill to travel his thoughts and see what year he is in. He knew we were family. He knew we were there. And darn it all, he knows his full name! It's a horrible disease, most affecting the family and loved ones around. I know how hard it is for some of my family to continually see him like this. Although I am soooooo thankful that they are that close and love and care for him so much. My uncle is surely god sent. He is an angel in disguise. Often I feel my mother and uncle have this touch of life and love. Without them my family would be oh so different.

Every chance I get to visit I take. Despite the time of year. Despite how long. These are the days to cherish and love who you still have. Family are your roots. Where you got that smile. Where those blue eyes came from. Please take time this holiday season to show your appreciation for the ones who brought you here. The ones that made it possible for you to walk out the front door, take a breath of fresh air and be thankful you are here today. Experiences along the way shape us, for sure, but if we didn't have roots, where would we grow from? Where would these traits come from? Please show love and respect to each one you meet, as you may never know what bridge they have crossed to get onto their feet. Cherish each other and savor the day. I hope you have enjoyed my pictures from NE travels, sunsets and the beginning of December in the city. 

Enjoy the season! 


  1. Megan, Thank you so much! I appreciate your feedback... oh you know I love the countryside:)