Since the World Hasn't Ended Yet...

I thought I would take this time to say... suckers!!!! Do you really think the world is going to end??  Well, don't worry because in 9 more days you can re-evaluate. 12/12/12 sure proved to be a lucky day for this lady. New beginnings, as I have mentioned before are really just the end of an old book and the beginning of a new novel. New lights, new spaces and new fabrics.

This December sure hasn't brought the chill yet. Never-the-less Philadelphia is festive with lights, events, holiday displays and Santa hats bobbing up and down city streets. From the Macy's Christmas Light Show to the Reading Terminal Market there are activities and displays to be seen by the whole family.
We are in the spirit this year and decorated with a perfectly shaped, massive, 8 foot tree. Strung some lights, hung some ornaments (which we need more, this tree is engulfing our current ones) and topped it with our quirky, shimmering roof, little birdhouse. I am still waiting for the koo-koo bird to peek out. Accompanying our new tree and pine scented apartment we spotted this Yankee (side note: when searching online I could only find this scent through the UK website, although this was purchased from Target). A scent I have not seen, but surprisingly soft and calming. I think we liked the name of the candle better than the candle itself. 

Between decorations and smell of Xmas wafting in the air we enjoyed some city supporting basketball. A group of friends, a steal of a deal on tickets and some red and green jerseys. 76ers played the Celtics.  Now, being from New England you may be confused to which team I am supporting here. After my love for Philadelphia and 7 years later, the only ounce of New England I still carry lays on the football field at Gillette Stadium. Life long, till I die, type of Patriots fan. Seeing the 76ers win this game in overtime was a sight. Possibly the best 76ers game I have been to! 

Exploring the city, jumping over rain puddles, we ended at Dirty Franks. A known Philadelphia bar, Cash Only. I finally experienced the thrill of Dirty Franks. Two bathrooms; one that locks, one that doesn't. The gentleman at the door tells me I am more than welcome to take my chances with the door that doesn't lock... thanks bud. Clutter fills the walls, ornaments and oddities hang from the ceiling, and the bar tender who is about 40 looks like shes wearing a shirt I had in 3rd grade. Oh and as the sign warns, 'Beware of the Bartender'. Yep. THIS is Dirty Franks. I don't discriminate though, every adventure an experience

After this long, early morning type of night, I attended a friends home jewelry show. What a display! What a presentation! She's so talented... be sure to check her out.. and buy something will ya!! Peep her FB Page or check her out on Etsy. Great innovations and craft work. She's truly talented. 

From there we went on to enjoy the festive lights ourselves with family. Making sure to stop at Reading Terminal to see the massive train display they set up. These kids were memorized and Thomas the Tank is still running strong after all these years. From there we caught the Macy's Christmas Light Show, which is such an attraction for all visitors in Philadelphia. You would think you were at a theater waiting for a show to begin. A must see! 

Well, I'm happy to be able to share these experiences and sights with you! I hope you are all enjoying this holiday season with loved ones and partaking in exciting, cheerful events with family and friends. Enjoy!

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