Holiday Hype

From PA to NH to PA to VT. A craze and love filled couple weeks. Family moments of laughter and joy while snowflakes make for a welcoming and warming Christmas morning. Every year seems to creep up so fast while the clicking clock seems to raise anxiety and stress among some, for me it continues to zoom by faster and faster. The daylight seems to fade and dinner is served. A tender. juicy roast beef is the main course of our 2012 dinner. Cooked perfect and served with your choice of sides no one left hungry. If anything, maybe they found themselves in a food coma. From drinks to pies all had their indulgence of sweets and savors.

For a creative gift idea this year for all the lovely ladies I know I decided to share the sweetness of the holidays with a chocolate and candy chunk cookie mixture. Layered and displayed decoratively in mason jars. A seasonal hangtag with ingredients to add and instructions and walaah! A fun and cute gift that they will actually use!

After the holiday came and went I traveled a circle of roads back to New England. One of the largest storms VT has seen in some time, this brought fresh powder and thrills for my passion of riding. We rode Killington Mountain for three days. Being from New England I have not seen snow like this in quite some time. No complaints! We spent the last day of 2012 on the slopes, indulging in the fresh nature wave of white, soft snow. With MGB, great conditions, and on a board. No where else Id rather be.

From snow covered mountains, to open roads and back to noisy city streets, this world is filled with adventures and activities that fill our lives with rich experiences and cherishing memories. Often these times go so quickly we forget to stop and savor the magnificent view of life right in front of us. I treasure my view and the love we share. I treasure all these moments whether with family or friends that create such lasting smiles.

We even helped out some neighboring parks in the area and recycled our Christmas tree. It was a great idea. Anything to help the environment and community. Go green!

HAPPY 2013!! I hope you all had a lasting and memorable holiday and new year. This year will be one for the books!


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