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If you have been following my whirlwind of events and travels over last year, Thank You! I hope 2013 has brought you a refreshed frame of mind and attitude.

My 2013 has started off to be thrilling, mind awakening and community involving. I recently had the opportunity to talk more with Career Wardrobe here in Philadelphia. I have previously worked with them to help promote their event last May, "A Perfect Fit".

This year brings new challenges and new awareness. The Career Wardrobe strives to provide resources, education and clothing to all women in Philadelphia looking to get on their feet and in their dream career. With the right education and resources 'we' can get anywhere! More often than not we are judged as soon as we step in for the first interview. Looked up and down, "are they dressed appropriate?", asked a range of questions, "are they knowledgeable?", and scrutinized on each response, "do they have the confidence and right attitude?"

More often than not, what we wear drives our confidence. If you look good, you feel good. If your suit fits, your confidence radiates. So, being more than appropriate, Career Wardrobe has started their next challenge. To raise awareness all over the nation, The Job Raising Challenge. This challenge is based on YOUR stories and your donations. About 75 groups across the country will be competing in this challenge. The winner receives $250,000 and public recognition on The Huffington Post. This challenge has already started and will continue through March 1st. So how do you help Career Wardrobe win??! Share your story, share this challenge with friends and help by making a donation.

"A suit, accessorized with experience and confidence, is a powerful tool for a woman working to affect change in her life. Learn more about our programs and social enterprise resale store and follow us on Twitter @careerwardrobe. We’ll be sharing stories of suits that have mattered and we hope you will share yours too with the hashtag #storyofasuit."-Career Wardrobe

As you can see, Career Wardrobe wants to hear your Suit story. Send a picture! Tell them about your first interview. Tell them about your first day. Send them YOUR story via email or tweet about it using #storyofasuit or even Pin about it with your pictures through Pinterest as some of these ladies did below.

We're excited for Warline's new job! Best of luck, Monday! #JobRaising #StoryofaSuit

Welcome back, Margaret! #JobRaising

“The suit uplifted me, inspired me, gave me confidence, and made me determined to get out there and do what I had to do… that’s what Career Wardrobe does.”    Kim moved from community service to employment in less than a year! #storyofasuit

(All photographs are property of Career Wardrobe. All Rights Reserved.)

I encourage all readers, young or old, if your suit and confidence led you to a career, they want to hear about it! This is your chance to tell them YOUR story. This is your chance to be heard! This helps inspire and encourages young women everywhere that they can succeed at anything they chose. So please, help out with The Job Raising Challenge and share your story. Tell your friends. Donate!

Help spread the word to women everywhere. Now through March 1st, help the Career Wardrobe raise the bar, raise the challenge and raise awareness.

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