Absence for a Cause

Where have I been lately?! If you are used to reading about my adventures and new found recipes I'm sure you are wondering where has she fallen off to? Well, I recently started some side blogging for Career Wardrobe. A non-profit organization in Philadelphia that helps women get back on their feet through resources such as educational workshops, resumes reviews and styling assistance for the professional workplace. Career Wardrobe has been around since 1995 and have helped nearly 75,000 women on their journey to independence and confidence. Career Wardrobe gives women in need or hardship the support in employment to be successful as what they chose. This has been the most gratifying part time blogging gig I have ever participated in. I don't do it for cash. In fact, that wasn't even an initial question when starting this. I do it to educate our community, motivate women to give back and inform Philadelphia that there are ways to contribute to make a difference in people's lives. I do this because I feel passionate about being an independent, working woman in Philadelphia. I feel passionate about the educational workshops they provide to lead women out in the world to get their dream job. Every woman should have the confidence to stand tall, feel amazing and be successful at what they chose. Being a young woman myself, on my own for the last 9 years I can honestly say it has been a roller coaster. In my mid-20's I have traveled city to city, I have held multiple jobs and I am still finding my path to success. Knowing there are organizations and services out there that can help women in need with anything from a new interview suit to resume writing gives peace of mind to thousands of women who are struggling to put food on the table. 

I want you - my followers - to please follow Career Wardrobe. Please take a closer look at the wonderful work they have done in and around Philadelphia. From events, clothing drives, young professional workshops, styling assistance you will find it hard to not be interested! Three times a week I am posting for them. Motivational Mondays, Donate & Volunteer Wednesdays and Fashion Fridays. Please tune in to find the latest information on what motivates us as women. Where and who you can find inspiration from as well as countless ways to get involved and give your time. Take a closer look at their fabulous finds at The Wardrobe Boutique... Shop and save! I am hoping to continue blogging for Career Wardrobe as well as donate and give my time to help them in any way possible -- all for a spectacular cause. 
Check my latest post today Give Your Time

Oh but wait, the adventures don't stop here. Between blogs and new showroom sales our travels are about to get vivid. Stay tuned for some magnificent views and jaw dropping experiences. 


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