Britain Blooms in Philadelphia

Soft petals, wild shrubs, The Yellow Submarine and Big Ben all made an appearance at the Britain Flower Show in Philadelphia, 2013. As always, Philadelphia attracts quite the crowd when spring rolls around. The Convention Center holds several events that continue to grow and advance in design and attraction. From gowns, hats, shoes and bags, Britain fashion and florals was the heart of inspiration. Orchids galore.. The Secret Garden was impressive.

Compared to last year and years previous, I saw the most greenery yet. From cacti to ferns.. The wild flower look and phrase will not leave my lips. This is Britain! I have to say the worst part of it all is the unstructured, unorganized, huge crowd that forms. These crowds almost create more of a displeasure when trying to see each display or art piece. Some I imagine would have very high anxiety with these crowds. I feel maybe there should be an organized way to send people through the exhibits/displays. Personal opinion only!

All in all I am not disappointed! As always, these events benefit the city of Philadelphia, the city in which I live and love. From food to school to fashion to beer, this city has endless options. Events such as the flower show create an amazing attraction for individuals all over the world to travel, experience and enjoy.

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