A touch of adventure over one month...

And a day. 

The time table of one month sure can show you just how busy you've been. Not until you sit back and take a close look at your past month do you realize you may have forgot to smell the flowers. Although you saw them! 

From baseball to football the seasons have changed. Phillies games were on the horizon with the Schmitter® and Summer Ales (despite the unfortunate team state...) and now all I see is crock-pots, pumpkins, cut off sweat-shirts and a leader from 'live free or die'. 

Recently LiveLovePhilly has kept me on my toes... with not enough time that I would like to give my calves a rest. This area has opened my eyes and experience in an area unknown. Along the way I have captured some interesting photography, met some fine individuals and keep asking myself where to next in this intriguing field?! 

New England called me home as I wrapped up some details for my sisters big day the end of this month. Cannot believe it's this month!!! A nice step away from the city lights to relax, soak in some sunshine, hang with the family and admire the star speckled night sky. I was happy to see the seeds I gave my mom from the Philadelphia Flower Show had started to bloom. A lone sunflower showed its young, yellow petals. 

A weekend goes by fast.

Philadelphia has many cuisines. What does your palette crave? You can find it! From burgers, seafood, vegan and italian you may be overwhelmed with the choices. MGB and myself particularly enjoy the dry rub wings at Devils Alley. Paired with a 'special' of $2 domestic canned beers.. pumpkin's been on my brain. Dry rub to burgers.. we indulged! 

More recently we enjoyed dining at Morimoto. A delectable plate with an exquisite decor. We like to share so we typically get several plates and share everything. I cannot say I had a bad dish. Each was platted and portioned perfectly. Cooked to perfection! This upstairs lounge area is quite superb!  

Wanderlust Festival was on Saturday at The Piazza in Northern Liberties. What an amazing community turn out. A one day, free yoga block party for all ages. Guided sessions by some of the most influential instructors created a wave of energy, encouragement and inspiration. After partaking in a long training run for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon this Sunday, a nice warm stretch was just the ticket. Looking forward to 13.1 on Sunday.. and maybe more for the carb overload on Saturday! 

Come out and cheer me on!... Bib #6620

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