Need. To. Slow. Down.

That's right. Life and/or time just needs to slow down. Two months pass and I cannot find a decent excuse for two months absence, after all it was an exhilarating two months! On the other hand, where did two months go? 

Well, it went from weddings to dinners to runs to airplane rides. Fashion and tea following Irish culture to art, it was the smoothest sip of Jameson to my lips while taking in the rolling fields of green to my right and the Atlantic to my left. 

I designed the hand held bouquets and boutonnieres for my older sisters wedding. Gorgeous callas, the cream of the crop! A gorgeous venue with a stellar view..

(My nephew, the best man)

It is/was leaf peeping season! Her dress was to die for..a corseted back with floral appliques and embellishments. Sweetheart neckline.. Truly a beautiful bride. All the work and preparation felt like a blink.

(My beautiful niece Taylor)

Back to planning for two weeks. This felt more like a breath.. Maybe two. Before I knew it I was boarding a flight, destination Dublin. My younger sister is studying there for a semester, I envy her! My mothers first trip abroad went well. Even though her washcloths were not of custom, I think she enjoy all the natural and organic foods! Now all the walking that was entailed might be a different story. 

(Dublin Castle Architecture)

(Cliffs of Moher)

(The Liffey, Dublin)

(Kilkenny Castle Gardens)

(The oldest pub in Ireland)

(Shadows in Galway)


(This is Kea.. my little World traveler!)

(Official Whiskey Taster..HOLLAAAA)

Hope you have enjoyed a taste of two months time between New England and Ireland. I promise, I will not make this a habit.. Until we meet again, Cheers! 

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