Running Races in the Wedding World

Most probably think I gave up on this blog..a long time ago. Let's clarify; life just got in the way. Since I write this for fun as much as I wish I was getting paid to write lifestyle fun and findings, I have to hold a real, big girl job! And no it's not a professional traveler as I've been lately dreaming about. 

I started working with a floral design company here in Philadelphia. Weddings, events, oh my! As I meet with these anxious, excited, young brides and discuss color palette, textures, ambiance, I can't help to think how lucky I am that I stumbled upon  this position. From meeting with these interesting, extravagant and lovely ladies to setting each detail on their day...it's a rush. A rush of excitement, emotion, energy. A moment in life where time seems to speed up and slow down at the same time. Being able to create visions and dreams into reality is an indescribable feeling. To experiment with design..where ever your creative mind might wonder. It's an art. A fashion. A passion. 

In between these roses, hydrangeas, ranunculus, and more I have been focusing on strength. On core balance. On positive energy. Running has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. From running track and cross country to sprinting soccer fields at the age of 5... Running is in my blood.  I never thought decades later I'd be training for 10Ks, 10 milers and half marathons. The persistence, the patience, the endurance I have gained has not only taught me as I run races but also has proved true in my relationships as well as the brides I have met. Each day I continue to grow stronger. Physically and mentally. As my feet hit the payment I focus on my breath. Steady. Slow. A technique I once learned from my asthma doctor, belly breathing. This technique, in through the nose out through the mouth, slow..slower. Focusing and maintaining this breath came much easier after many yoga classes of tears, blood and sweat. Maybe not blood, but it was sure flowin! Ok maybe not tears either but definitely sweat. In and out through the nose became my best friend. Listening to your own breath, hearing your breath deep from within, stabilizes all else. The mind, body and soul. 

I won't say I mastered this, yet. As I feel you can always improve, but I will say I have found my strength, through my breath. This concept has also slowed and steadied my average day to day life. Notice the small things, smell the autumn air, hold a door for a stranger, say hello to your neighbor. These small gestures prove to return the good karma. I appreciate my life, my body and my health more than ever. Our health is everything and we have the choice to be healthy or not. To be strong or weak. To be negative or positive. So I'd like to start anew. I'd like to share with you more strength and energy. For now, let's catch up on the last year. Sit back and enjoy these moments of flowers, mountains, lakes, family, city views, races and more...  

December 2013- Dive into the floral world with a holiday party at Aramark and a Penns Landing Ice Skating rink adventure.

January 2014 - A view down Addison St, Philadelphia

A fulfilled February...

Cheers to 21! I can't believe my baby sister is legally drinking.. With me! March proved to be spontaneous!

Sedgley Woods Disc Golf 

May brought some sunshine! 

Broad Street Run

Yoga on the Steps 

We know the drummer... And the photographer. RIP Tangier...

A Waterworks Wedding

A New York view...

Back to PHL.. Working in the design industry has alot of perks.. New placed, new people, new views. This one in particular from Top of The Tower. A beautiful view of the Ben Franklin Parkway.  

 And Liberty One and Two.
So I would think by now you're starting to see where I've been getting a little 'caught up'.. 

I just can't help it...

From the Schuylkill river trail 

I love this city..this city is beautiful.

Can't wait to share more of these city adventures and travels elsewhere! I have plenty more to come. I promise I won't wait a year for my next post [pinkie swear]. In the meantime.. have a safe and happy holiday season! 

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