Wait .. What Happened to 2015?

Hello and my name is Heather Masse. I feel like I should be starting from scratch.. Tell you my life story and how I came to be here today. But I won't. 

I'm pretty sure I just blinked and there went 2015. I'm not sad. I won't miss it either. In fact, 2015 can go suck a big one because this year is going to be the best year! The year of change and well being. The year of adventure and movement. The year of thrill and not too many "no's". I'm feeling positive can you tell?! 

So I'd like to push this year to revamp and redesign my site, my blog, my portfolio. I'm looking for challenging and creative outlets to shine! Reviewing more on travels, food, Philly existing. 

I can't wait to share my latest trip to WY with you! A little teaser until I do.. 

Can't wait to get back on my blog-wagon and share the beauty of life with you! 

Anyone else in Philly crossing their fingers for acceptance into Broad Street Run?! I hate this part...


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