Bright Lights.. Big Dragons

I'm ecstatic that we made it. So many events happen in Philadelphia all the time and with busy schedules it's finding the time to attend these events that can be challenging. But I love a challenge!

My lover and biggest fan, MGB, was on board and ready for this evening spectacular. The Chinese Lantern Festival was a week away from ending and we took advantage of a pleasant spring evening. Franklin Square was hoppin'.. Especially for a Monday evening. Guess everyone had the same idea.. 

I couldn't get over the time it must took to assemble everything .. How long it took to craft all of the individual pieces that made up a whole display, character, pin-wheel, tulip, dragon.. I could go on. 

It truly was a beautiful sight and stimulating to my creative mind. I heard a couple comments in regards to "how cool this would be on LSD.." .. I thought damn, well I think this is righteous right now! 

I commend all the artists that took a hand in creating these beautiful displays, works of art. Franklin Square was perfect for this event with many pathways leading to new lanterns and ultimately the largest lantern dragon I have ever seen! 

Pictures probably don't do justice for just how neat this was.. And I keep wondering how much electricity goes into lighting all those lanterns..

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