Chapter of Phriends & Phinds

The sun is shinning.. most days. The temperature is warm.. most days. The activities start piling up.. most days. Most of these days I still find the time to stop, observe and capture the beauty of natural surroundings. 

  Friends at play, weekend Bloody's, Philly scarves and antique safe places. This safe is in amazing condition with original drawers that lock and a carpeted bottom. I am fascinated with the condition of this piece. A closer look reveals a date range of 1871-1880. What craftsmanship! To think what could have been kept 'safe'.. possibilities are endless.

 The icing on the cake would have to be the new addition to our kitchen. Once upon a time we ate at the coffee table.. most days. Now, we have stepped up. A new, shinning table perfect for our homemade dinners and extra counter space! 

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