The Mood of May

May has bloomed! Bulbs of energy and roots emerged from the soil in the shape of a new pair of Nike's and soft, delicate petals. Philadelphia has been spoiled so far with sunny, warm days and fun filled nights consisting of softball games and Philly sporting events. Thankfully I am able to capture such beauty on routine walks and training days for the Broad Street Run. Although gray, this past Sunday couldn't have come with any better weather to push the 10 mile run. Breaking and achieving a new PR was only a highlight. Thousands of people from all over the world run with a common goal of reaching the finish. The support along the way gets deeper and deeper into South Philly. Bands play, signs are held high, while each runner anxiously awaits to find their support along the crowd.. luckily I spotted the best support I have ever had.. and lucky enough had a running buddy for one block! MGB left me with a big smile and the will to push harder. Enjoy some views of fresh spring flowers, accomplishments and creativity. 

My routine walks.. hopefully for not much longer!

Amazing seats at the Flyers Game -- Thank you Brett! 

The Starting Line of The Broad Street Run 2012
 Finish Line! 

 Some fresh stems to brighten the apartment...

Love me some wax flower...

Pretty Pink Gerberas

Old wine bottles make perfect vases for small, single stem arrangements! 

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